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Beatles norwegian wood

Beatles norwegian wood orbiter apollo 11 Covers of Norwegian Wood This Bird Has Flown by The Beatles on WhoSampled.

By the fall of 1965, the Beatles and George Martin had come to regard the recording studio as a place to experiment, think outside the box and slowly pull away from their tried-and-true formulas. On October 12 of that year, they did just that, recording a brilliant new John Lennon composition inspired by a clandestine affair he was having at the time. The recording would feature an exciting new tool, George Harrison's sitar. The exotic stringed instrument wasn't new only to Harrison and the Beatles, but to all of pop music—although an unreleased early version of the Yardbirds' June 1965 single, "Heart Full of Soul," features a sitar, and the Kinks' "See My Friends," released in July, is clearly raga-inspired, with the guitar calling to mind the sound and timbre of a sitar. Perhaps British recording engineers hadn't had very rewarding sitar experiences in the past."It was very hard to record [the sitar] because it has a lot of nasty peaks and a very complex wave form," said EMI engineer Norman Smith. Beatles Bible is always a good reference:“Norwegian Wood was about an extra-marital relationship Lennon was having at the time. His friend Pete Shotton later suggested that the woman in question was a friend.”‘Norwegian Wood is my song completely. I was very careful and paranoid because I didn't want my wife, Cyn, to know that there really was something going on outside of the household. I'd always had some kind of affairs going, so I was trying to be sophisticated in writing about an affair, but in such a smoke-screen way that you couldn't tell. But I can't remember any specific woman it had to do with.’ (John Lennon, “All We Are Saying” David Sheff)“Although begun in Switzerland, Norwegian Wood was completed as a collaboration between Lennon and Paul Mc Cartney. Talking to Rolling Stone in 1970, Lennon attributed the middle section to Mc Cartney, although in a 1980 interview with Playboy he called it "my song completely". Beatles norwegian wood counting stars augustana free mp3 Norwegian Wood This Bird Has Flown is a song written and sung by John Lennon and credited to Lennon/McCartney, released on the Rubber Soul album in. Covers of Norwegian Wood This Bird Has Flown by The Beatles on WhoSampled.